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August 31, 2005

looks like it will be a september baby after all

looks like it will be a september baby after all
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So for now, we wait. Have I mentioned how very hot it has been here?

Weird to be at the mercy of someone who hasn't even been born yet.

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August 27, 2005

farewell, vivien, joe, and luna!

vivien and luna
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Ooooooh, we are going to miss our friends Vivien, Joe and Baby Luna when they move to Sydney! I'm only accepting the fact that they are moving because they have promised to come back for a visit in December. By then, Luna will be a big girl of nearly 9 months and able to bestow her baby wisdom on our own little Baby H. Until then... we'll miss you all!

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hope you like older women, Baby H!

lena and monique
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Our little guy is going to be the happiest guy EVER because he already has such a collection of adorable little girls waiting to play with him when he arrives. Here we have Lena and her pal Monique, grinning at Lena's second birthday party.

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August 26, 2005

striking quite a profile

striking quite a profile
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I took this photo after spying my shadow (with great alarm) while walking Santos this evening. I know I've been toting around this belly for a good 39 weeks so far, but it's still shocking to me to see myself so undeniably huge. Please Note: As of August 26, 9p.m., the kid's still cookin', but it's any day now.

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August 24, 2005

for now, we focus on our furry child

for now, we focus on our furry child
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Santos is enjoying my maternity leave almost as much as I am--especially when it means I'm around all day and can spoil him by either laying on the couch all day or taking him on long (labor-inducing?) walks. Little does he know that these halcyon days must end. That shortly he will be relegated to permanent #2 status.

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August 22, 2005

Amy and Steve's wedding pics

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So, it turns out that the one wedding that I'm stone-cold sober for is the wedding where I lose my camera. Not to mention, the wedding of my best friend. Especially heartbreaking, as I took *so* many photos at Amy and Steve's gorgeous wedding last June. I had fully planned to assemble a mini-site that would chronicle both the touching moments and the jiggy dancefloor moves, but unfortunately, in my oh-so pregnant state, I just have a selection of photos I've pulled from the photographer's site. You can see a slideshow here.

I'm posting these wedding pics here on our Babymania site since this is our baby's Auntie Aim and Uncle Steve we're talking about. These two are going to be playing vital roles in the little guy's life. From Auntie Aim, I will expect Baby H to learn the importance of birthdays being "all about him" and making sure he has iron-clad kick-butt plans lined up weeks in advance. From Uncle Steve, he will learn that Republicans can be intelligent, reasonable fellows, although I fully expect Baby H to register Democrat and convert Steve to at least Independent as soon as he is able.

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August 21, 2005


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Very soon now, baby, belly, and I are going to have a good talk. We've had a good run. We've enjoyed nightly Ben & Jerry's binges, the best seats on BART, and the unapologetic comfort of elastic-waisted pants worn to public places both casual and not. Ours is a problem of economy of space. I've knocked over too many supermarket displays, I can no longer see my toes, and I must build momentum to roll myself not only out of bed, but out of your average seated position.

I'm not quite ready for baby, belly and I to part ways just yet. I am enjoying these last few days of pre-motherhood, floating ever-so-buoyantly at the local pool, sleeping in, and reading back issues of tabloid magazines. I do realize these halcyon days are numbered, to be replaced exclusively with talk of baby, boobs, and midnight feedings. I'm just saying that like the Bay Area's best rent-controlled apartments, this setup was a little too good to last.

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August 20, 2005

and Phoebe tries out the baby chair

and Phoebe tries out the baby chair
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... She looks pretty blissed out to me. (The chair is a gift from Auntie Brenda.)

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kid-testing the baby gear

Lena on horse
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Lena came over yesterday to test out some of Baby H's toys and gear. (She has already donated many things, from her stroller to the carseat.) This little toy horse that Sandy gave us proved to be quite the hit.

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August 17, 2005

the view from 38 weeks

Many apologies who those who got the accidental Google "announcement" yesterday about the arrival of Baby H. Pregnancy Brain + Technology = Inevitable Glitches. I was setting up an email group for the announcement--I promise the next time you hear from me, it will be to announce the good news for real(s).

The C-section has been cancelled, which means when the Hazen Heir arrives is anyone's guess. Care to wager when and how much the little guy will weigh?

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August 13, 2005

waiting for baby

Here I am, biding my time until Baby H arrives. My hands seem to have grown in pace with my belly.


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