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December 23, 2005

who needs naps?

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Yesterday, I had plans to go into the office to discuss my return (in just three weeks!) and also to show off the boy. I took a shower, put on makeup, and laid out my hot new post-pregnancy jeans, all in preparation of a trip into the city. I put Finn down for a nap so he would be fresh as a daisy for his visit.

What followed was a nearly three-hour battle of wills. I'm talking the most mournful, pathetic, hysterical boo-hooing of Finn's short life. I tried calming him with a bath, white noise, the ever-effective swing, nursing, sleeping in my arms--nothing worked. I started to worry he might be sick, so I changed back into my housepants and T-shirt, cancelled my meeting, and put Finn down while I pondered calling the pediatrician.

These photos were taken shortly afterwards. As if to say, "Gotcha!", Finn proceeded to smile, giggle, and play like all this boo-hooing had never happened. The kid had been awake for six straight hours by this point, and was acting like he had just awakened from the most refreshing sleep. He let out the most ebullient toot, (to punctuate his point) and proceeded to stay awake for another two hours.

I rescheduled the meeting for next week.

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