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January 18, 2006

a quick note...

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... inbetween bites of egg salad on my lunch hour.

It's my second day of work and in many ways, it feels like I never left. Same desk, same view. Most things exactly as I left them five months ago.

But what you really want to know is how Finn's doing. I rushed home last night, even taking a cab from BART. (When the cabdriver asked me why I was taking a cab such a short distance, I told him I needed to rush home because I missed my baby. He said, "Your boyfriend?" No, my baby! "Your husband?" No, sir, this is an actual BABY I'm talking about here. He's four months old.)

When I came home, I expected to find a fussy little guy and exhausted nanny. Rather, Finn had just risen from a nap (she got him to nap late in the afternoon--Fuey is a pro!) and the two of them talking to each other from his favorite conversation perch--the changing table. He stayed up for another two hours with me, and I gave him a bath, played with him, and when Daddy got home, we got him ready for bed and gave him his final meal.

He then slept until 5am this morning! And yes, it may sound awful to get up that early, but all those hours of uninterrupted sleep are heavenly. So Finn is doing just fine, and I'm adjusting to work as well. I miss the little guy a ton, but at least I know he's doing well.

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