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January 06, 2006

big boi

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I can't believe that this little boy (not infant! boy!!) is the same little fellow who we carted back and forth from the pediatrician's office the first month of his life because he wasn't gaining weight. Look at him! He looks like he could park your car or at least recommend a good place to find a burrito.

The boy is changing every day. I never thought I'd use the phrase "sleeping" and "well" in the same sentence when describing Finn, but lo! The boy is sleeping well (and I'm aware I'm tempting fate by saying this--please knock wood for us). The former nightowl is now getting up only really once--3am or so--and sleeping until 6:00am or (when we're lucky 7:30). This might not sound appealing to those of you without infants at home--or for those of you with infants who have always slept well. (Should the latter be the case, I don't wish to hear from you.) But for those of us who were waking every two to three hours for weeks on end, this is some kind of heaven.

Finn has also just started laughing, which is one of the most adorable and hilarious things I've ever witnessed. It starts with a wide open-mouthed grin, and is followed by what is most definitely a chuckle. In terms of disposition, he's not one of those babies who sits quietly with a thumb in his mouth. Today, I hosted my Mom's Group gathering and who was the kid talking, kick-kick-kicking and wildly gesticulating as if he was spinning the most outrageous yarn? That would be our Finn.

I was relaying all of this to my friend and neighbor, Sarah, who was reminding me that it wasn't long ago that I thought this day would ever come. Especially the sleeping part. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for your perspective.

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