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April 25, 2006

we're in Chicago now...

So, I left Heather and John's with Finn this morning and Shawn completed his road trip. Right now, we're at Lisa and Peter's. Tomorrow morning, we close on our new house. I snapped this photo before we left of a rainbow, which came at the end of a long rainy streak. (Which I called March.) Bay Area, we will miss you so much! Especially our friends. ESPECIALLY our friends.

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April 24, 2006

delicious... baby...

Let me set the scene for you. Heather and I are trying to photograph the babies together in a precious pose. Fiona wearing her Babymania tee, Finn wearing my adorably oversized "I hella heart Oakland" T-shirt. But Finn proceeded to roll his steamroller self darn near over poor Fiona in a misguided gesture of affection. He grabbed her hand, making her cry the hardest I saw her cry all weekend. (A mere wimper on the Finn scale.) So this will have to suffice.

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April 23, 2006

missing daddy

Right now, Shawn and Santos are travelling cross-country and Finn and I are staying with Heather and John while our stuff is travelling via big rig to Chicago (ETA Friday--hope for us!). While it's been great crashing with Heather and John (I highly recommend their place if you find yourself visiting Oakland!), we do miss Daddy! We'll all rendevous in Chicago on Wednesday.

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April 21, 2006

Goodbye Party Pics

UPDATE: I've been staying with our friends, Heather and John, while our worldly belongings travel to Chicago and Shawn and Santos make the drive. Thusly, I have had some problems hooking my computer to the Web and posting (the horror!). This should fix the broken link.
Here are some belated pics from our goodbye party last week. Click to see the whole set. Not since our wedding have we had so many of our friends in one place. Thanks to all who made it out!

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April 18, 2006

Self-Appointed King of the Babies

King Finn
Originally uploaded by Daddy Shawn.
Finn's Gramma Irene (Gramrene) and Auntie Julie (A Ju) are visiting. In their honor, Finn has added some new tricks to his repertoire including the crowd-pleaser "Putting Stuff on His Head."

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April 17, 2006

what's finn reading these days?

All the best-read babies are wondering what books are piled on Finn's nightstand. Lately, he's really enjoying Woof-Woof, a book given to him by Uncle Mockus. Finn seems to enjoy the flip-a-face page layout that suggests: Are we so different from a doggie? A lamb? A duckie?

He also enjoys Where is Baby's Belly Button, another flip book that leaves readers guessing up until the last moment "Will the belly button be under baby's shirt? Or am I just taking the easy answer?" (Spoiler Alert.) Sometimes, gentle reader, the easiest answer is the right one.

Lastly, the book of Baby Faces is Finn's absolute favorite. Recommended by Marilyn Abney, this book is like meeting up with a good friend. Every range of emotion seems to be covered from this book, from happy to sad to "uh oh."

Finn also recommends Auntie Leesh's book blog for suggestions for grown-ups. And please feel free to suggest any books in the comments (for babies or adults). We're always looking for new recommendations!

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April 16, 2006

guest blogging

The wonderful women at Rookie Moms asked me to write up a feature on a Week in Oakland for new moms. As this provided another opportunity to postpone packing and keep me occupied when I'm up late not packing, I gratefully accepted. (Usually, I'm just playing Weboggle.) I look forward to using this itinerary when Finn and I stay with Heather, John, and Fiona this week after the movers come and before we fly to Chicago. (Shawn and Santos are driving.) Heather and I plan on being uber stay-at-home moms together for a few days before I go.
Anyway, here's the piece. Coming soon: A week in Chicago!

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First shots of Gwyneth and Moses

Nope, that's just foxy Auntie Barb, who, with Uncle Eric, was in town for a visit last month from Portland (Spring Breeeeeaaaakkk!). They got to meet Finn for the first time. He woke up long enough to show off those chubby cheeks and test drive a few more laps. We wish they could have stayed longer!

P.S. Moses Martin wishes he was that cute.

P.P.S. I tried to get an adorable Easter photo of Finn today, but he was so not cooperating.

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April 15, 2006

the cutest little tax deduction you ever did see

I really have NO time to be uploading photos right now, what with the packing and the packing and the packing. But when Finn stubbornly refused to take his nap today, I got him up to play for a bit and posed him for this very adorable photo. Those eyes! Those cheeks! Here on tax day, we would like to proclaim that we would be enamored even without the dependant child tax deduction.

Back to packing, which has become my workout routine. I've been feeling a bit more like a post-pregnancy Britney than Denise, so I could use the exercise.

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April 14, 2006

the night shift

I found this notebook while I was packing today. My peditrician asked me to keep a log of when Finn was eating and sleeping in those first few months. Despite the fact that when we visited him, Finn was squawking his head off, he didn't seem to believe me that Finn was only sleeping 10-12 hours a day. Behold the frantic scrawl, chronicling Finn's night moves. It goes on like this for several days (weeks!).

At the time, I knew this log will make me laugh someday (although at the time I thought I would go out of my mind), and that time is now. The boy still eats heartily, but only a few times a day and sleeps through the night. He's an absolute pleasure, a chubby little hunka hunka love and giggles.

He had his seven-month checkup* yesterday, which was a good time to reflect on the past months. It was my last day or work, which meant that Daddy got to take Finn all by himself. Damn, am I ever glad I missed this appointment--he got four shots and had to have his ears cleaned out. But he's otherwise happy and healthy. As the doctor promised months ago, his crazy frenzied eating schedule passed. The doctor even said he uses Finn as an example to parents with particularly fussy little ones. (I guess I should be proud?)

* The hunka hunka now weighs in at almost 19 lbs.

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April 12, 2006

Happy Birthday, Nana!

Here's a cute changing table pic in honor of Finn's Nana's birthday today. Happy Birthday!

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moms' group on margaritas

The daddies were on duty last night as my moms' group took me out for a farewell dinner at Dona Tomas (my favorite Bay Area restaurant). As I am positively vibrating with excitement and magnamity of tasks surrounding the move, I put Dona's extremely strong margaritas to medicinal use.

It has been so lovely to see our little ones grow from tiny little sleeping/eating machines (mine the latter) into some real personalities. I'll miss our weekly gatherings. From left: Frieda, Laura, Sascha, Kristen, Yelena, Abbie, me, Megan, Gloria, and Jacqueline.

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April 11, 2006

and here's kian andrew graham!

Born to Ben and Misha, sweet Kian was born today at 4:37pm, a wee bit early (35 weeks), but healthy and happy. It would seem that he's an overachiever already who just couldn't wait to get here. Some interesting tidbits to know about Kian is that he looks a lot like his big brother, Mazi, and that Daddy Ben, Brother Mazi and Kian were all born on the 11th (of different months). There's more, more, more at:


Welcome, little man!

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April 10, 2006

welcome, estelle legardeur!

Give a big, huge Babymania welcome to the newest arrival--Estelle LeGardeur! Born to Katie and Wendell, this is one little girl who won't be going to the prom with Finn. She's from New Orleans, y'all! He'll escort her to the ball when she's crowned Mardi Gras queen.

I think I speak for new moms everywhere when I say Katie looks wayyyy hotter than she should for just having had a baby. I ask, where are the under-eye circles? The bedhead? The sleep-deprived zombie stare?

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yes, I know. I really should be packing.

Originally uploaded by lisabagg.
UPDATE: The shirts are back up, including the iPoop one. Act now! Seriously! They will shut me down again.


All the hippest Bay Area babies are sporting Babymania onesies. With a sassy urban flair that works for boys or girls, this onesie rocks whether your baby is pimpin' in a Bugaboo or slumming in a Snap-N-Go. And the implied endorsement of public transportation is soooo Bay Area. Click here to read the graphic.

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storytime with Auntie Ren

Auntie Brenda came over to spend some time with Finn yesterday, and as you can see here, he may even like her better than Santos.

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April 08, 2006

backwards binky

The other day, I put Finn in his neglectrasaucer while I caught up on some work on the computer. He was right next to me, and kept making noises of indignation and protest that I was ignoring him. When I finally turned my attention to him, this is what I saw--his binky in upside down and backwards.

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April 07, 2006

Happy last day of work, Daddy!

Today is Shawn's last day at Apple. In honor of the occasion, Finn has donned his technically illegal iPoop onesie, designed by mama. CafePress halted production on this design too. (Hello? It's called satire.) So unfortunately this is one of a very limited run of two--Fiona Williams gets the other.

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April 06, 2006

the next generation of baggerman slackjaw

You know, this boy was looking all Hazen to me until recently, when he started sporting the patented Baggerman slackjaw smile. This phenomenon has been well-documented in the past. Boy, you've got some great photo ops in your future!

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April 04, 2006

a family that blogs together...

There's nothing geekier cuter than a multi-blog household. Not content that the dog and baby both have their own Web sites, we are now a two-blog household with the introduction of Shawn's new blog The Hazens Head East. Now you have more ways than ever to follow the life and times of your favorite Hazens!

Bloggin' must be in our blood, because as you know, Clint and Susan have a blog for Anna. And I must also give a shout out to another newbie to bloggin', Fiona Williams, a Swell Baby. And if you like your mommy blogs with a dose of snark, may I recommend Auntie J's Bug and Teeny? Shawn's friends from Seattle, Ben and Misha, just started a blog, too.

If foxy librarian types are more your style, how about my friend Alicia's book blog? And if you are looking for some Jennfomation, look no further.

Who else should I link to?

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April 03, 2006

bon vivant

Doesn't Finn look like he should be wearing a smoking jacket in this photo? He's positively civilized, chilling in the Eames chair, in the comfy French sleeper that Katie and Wendell bought for him. Would someone please bring this young man a copy of this week's New Yorker, and a snifter of milk?

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