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August 31, 2006

Finn urges your support

One of my favorite new friends that I've met here in Chicago is my friend, Lisa Jones. I met her through dear college friend, Lees, (I know, I know Lisa x 3! I advise you to always carry a spare Lisa if you can.). I can't imagine settling here in Chicago without this new Lisa right down the street. She helped us find our awesome house in a great neighborhood, the perfect daycare, and even helped launch the soon-to-be popular Old Irving moms' Friday happy hour series. She is also the mom to Emma, whom Finn adores. I just know, years from now, when Emma's no longer his daycare friend, but the bombshell down the street, he will reference that very photo and say, "You know, Emma Jones used to be sweet on me."

But anyway, Lisa has had a very tough year. She lost her mother to lung cancer, then was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's gone through months of chemo and radiation treatment. And if that isn't tough enough, she did it while working four days a week and taking care of a toddler.

Instead of being angry at the world and retreating under the covers, Lisa did a wonderful thing. She organized Chicago's Lung Run, an event raising money for lung cancer research. Please support this wonderful cause by donating online. I know that there are hundreds of people out there reading this blog every week--I see you in the Web stats. Don't make me come after you, you lovely but anonymous people from places like Knology Holdings and Target--I see you coming each week! If you could find the heart to make a contribution to this worthy cause, you may help stop families like Lisa's from having to go through the pain she has gone through this past year.

And, I have to say, Lisa is the perfect inspiration for this event. The third day after we moved in, Lisa was at our door with a homemade cake and a bottle of wine. She was in the midst of chemo at the time and we were still sleeping on the floor with all of our stuff here. When I told College Friend Lees about this, she said, "Yeah, I'm just surprised you didn't find her out there mowing your lawn, too." I'm telling you folks, this is one Grade A Lisa.

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