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August 10, 2006

hot child in the city

When I picked Finn up from daycare the other day, one of the little girls told me, "I think Finn's going to be a movie star when he grows up, because he flirts with all the girls."

And if flirting portends life as a thespian, I think we've got a future Oscar nominee on our hands. Finn will go from being completely grouchy and obstinate to a twinkle-eyed charmer in the presence of a lovely lady. I have tried over and over to capture his flirty, toothy grin, but every time I pull out my camera, he tries to grab it and he becomes all business. Clearly, I'm going to have to distract him with with some little cutie, or perhaps on of our stall of gorgeous babysitters. (Yes, he flirts with them, too.)

This future career comment got me thinking about what Finn do in the future. Based on his current interests, came up with the following:

* Restaurant reviewer ("This dish gets an 'MMMMM!' while this dish gets an 'MMMMMMM!' + plus a fist pump.")

* Demolition man (He really likes nothing like putting a bunch of stuff on a chair, and knocking it off, clear across the room.)

* Dog trainer (Or dog chaser, take your pick.)

* Boy Band Singer (He's got an a capello singing voice)

* Camera Inspector (see above)
* The George Clooney Equivalent of 2025 (the kid's got charm, and we'll need a new George Clooney by then, anyway!)

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