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December 28, 2006


For Christmas, we went to Houston to spend time with Nana, Auntie Sudi, Uncle Clintie, and Anna. It was so great to see everyone, but especially to see the two cousins playing together. Although they are a study in opposites (Finn the big, high-energy boy/Anna the tiny, delicate girl), they really seemed to enjoy each other. They exchanged some kisses, stole binkies from each other, and babbled some stuff to one another that only they understood. Here are some more photos.

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December 24, 2006

Merry Christmas, All!

Here's Finn, enjoying the blocks that Grandpa and Grandma Baggerman sent him. May you also get everything you want this Christmas (especially if that is joy, happiness and peace).

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December 21, 2006

What Lisa's Been Up To (December Edition)


I'm happy to announce that after months of hard work, saraparetsky.com has launched. I modeled the navigation design after Saul Bass's movie titles for Hitchcock's films (with the chunky vertical blocks carving out the space on the site). I'm so pleased with how this site turned out, in no small part to my client. Sara is a mystery writer with more than a million books in print (V I Warshawski is her heroine), but she's also speaks frequently on feminist and free speech issues. It was inspiring to work with someone so creative, smart, and successful.

I also wrote an article for HOW on the design of Beck's new CD, The Information. Anyone who knows me knows that this was pretty much a dream assignment, as I've been smitten with Beck since Mellow Gold.

I wrote another article for HOW on the 35th anniversary of the design firm Pentagram's Pentagram Papers series.

I also wrote email newsletters for Chronicle on books featuring Edie Segwick and Edith Heath. Holiday cocktails and rock photography. New mom beauty and making a healthy home.

Phew! So that's why our Christmas Cards will be New Year's Cards. In the meantime, Merry Christmas!

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December 18, 2006


Finn really loves the Christmas tree. Ever night before I light it up, I bring him in there and plop him down in front of it. As soon as the lights turn on, he starts saying, "Oooooh!" and "Wow!" And you'd think he'd be tackling that tree, but he's very gentle, just feeling the needles very cautiously. He's such an adorable Christmas elf.

Note to all of you on our Christmas card list--your card will be a little... late this year. You know me, I feel the need to make cards every year, and let's just say that my time this year has been nothing if not scarce. So, it might be a New Year's card. But it's coming!

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December 16, 2006

Cozy baby

Yesterday I bundled Finn up and took him and a very grateful Santos out for a neighborhood stroll. It has warmed up considerably, so all parties (mama included) were very happy for the stroll time.

Finn is going through a very interesting and sweet phase right now. He wants to be held, cuddled and to coo at me like a little latin lover all day long. This is the same guy who was Mr. Independent just a week ago--who would good-naturedly wave "bah-ba" to me in the morning whilst shoveling bananas in his mouth. I can't even put him in his high chair without him pitching a fit and wanting to be held. (And I think I've made it clear how the kid feels about food.) I kind of wish I wasn't so awesome because it's hard to get anything done.

But I must admit, baby snuggles are just about the best thing ever. At night, he snuggles his little fuzzy head under my chin, burrows his hands under my armpits, and baby talks to me while I rock him to sleep. Sometimes he'll doze off and then wake up with a start, looking to make sure I'm still there. When he sees I am, he smiles, settles back in and dozes off for the evening.

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December 15, 2006

My Little Democrat

This "President Poopyhead" shirt came in for review for SheFindsMom and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to post this photo here. Very appropriately, he pooped all over it shortly after this was taken. I took it as an indication of his political leanings. If you think I shouldn't voice my politics via my child, consider that he was born in Berkeley. That could be a "Nader 2008" shirt.

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December 14, 2006

christmas party pics

We ended up having quite a spirited Christmas party last weekend. Here are the pics. Don't miss the part where Peter Wilkins dances to Xtina's "Aint No Other Man."

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December 11, 2006

I feel pretty...

Since I review products for SheFindsMom, I get a lot of fun stuff in the mail. One thing I got to review last week was an adorable tutu. Which, as a responsible reviewer, I had an obligation to test out by putting on Finn. As soon as I put it on him, he started twirling, twirling, twirling around. I had to snap a photo, which will prove useful when he gets older so he can show his therapist how his mama used to torture him.

This guy has been so much fun lately. His language skills are just exploding. He's added "banana," "socks," "wow," "water," "bottle," "up" and many other words to his vocabulary. But most notably, he now understands "no." In what has to be an imitation of me, he walks over to the off-limits areas and stomps his feet, shakes his finger and sternly says "No! No, no, no!" Man, I must look like such a shrew.

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December 08, 2006

Here comes the hotstepper

Here's a poorly edited rap video of Finn walking. Don't miss the part when his walking becomes "electric." Woot!

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December 07, 2006

puff baby

Sorry, Finn, you're a Chicago boy now.

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December 06, 2006


Yesterday, Finn's daycare was closed, so Emma came over to play for a while in the morning while Lisa was at work. Emma suggested that we play house, where "You are the mommy and Finnie and I are the babies." That is a game that actually sounds very familiar to me. Here they are getting tucked in for "bedtime" which was just too cute of a photo op to pass up.

Oddly, even with a three-year-old and a one-year-old in the house, my most challenging child was the four-year-old furry one, Santos. Cooped up due to the cold temperatures, that dog was absolutely wild.

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December 04, 2006

Katie, Wendell and Estelle visit...

We were delighted to visit with our dear friends--the LeGardeurs--this weekend. We hadn't seen them since our wedding. (If you were at our wedding, you probably danced with Wendell--and he probably invited you to visit them in New Orleans. He totally meant it. Katie was the tall, cool one in the amazing dress.) They bravely faced the 20-degree weather and even got a rare flight in after our huge snowstorm. We got to meet baby Estelle, who is adorable and charming and destined to inherit those Dodson getaway sticks. (She hit the genetic lottery.)

Finn really took to Estelle, when the opportunity presented itself. He's no dummy--he wants to be riding on that float with Estelle when she's Mardi Gras Queen!

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