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February 28, 2007

Visiting the grandparents in Pittsburgh

Last weekend, we went to Pittsburgh to visit Grandma and Grandpa Baggerman. From the moment he got there, Finn made himself right at home. He was walking, talking, and chasing the dog everywhere. We went to the aviary and the museum, but it was the meals that Finn (predictably) really liked best. To see all the photos from the weekend, click here.

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February 22, 2007

What Lisa's been up to, January and February edition

The site I designed for the launch of the New Revised Standard Version of the Bible launched yesterday. Hallelujah! This was a very exciting, inspiring project and HarperCollins San Francisco was great to work with. Check it out!

I also worked on designing newsletters for SheFindsMom, wrote newsletters for Chronicle on Love Hotels, Pentagram Papers, and The Wine and Food Lover's Diet. I've been designing a site for the new book, I Was a Really Good Mom Before I Had Kids and working on sketches for redesigning the Margot Madison Stationery site.

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February 21, 2007

I can feed my DARN self

During dinner last night, Finn kept insisting on grabbing his spoon and feeding himself. So I figured, "OK, if you think this is so easy, just give it a try." The result was a full-on yogurt facial mask, which really isn't done justice by this photo. Suffice to say, he was ushered straight from his high chair into the bathtub.

Things are good--the weather broke 40 degrees yesterday and for the first time in months, so Santos and I were able to pick up Finn from daycare in his stroller, a 45-minute round-trip walk that we all enjoy. We're going to visit Grandma and Grandpa Baggerman this weekend, so indulgent grandchild spoiling will certainly ensue. And Britney's in rehab, ready to put that unfortunate head-shaving incident from this weekend behind her. (I swear, my girl is still going to make a comeback.)
UPDATE: That was fast.

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February 18, 2007

A star is rising.

Playin' Geetar!
Originally uploaded by Daddy Shawn.
Though Finn is going to be a drummer, it appears his musical aptitude extends to other instruments as well. In addition to the four-key Fisher Price piano (notes=red, blue, green, yellow) he is on the road to mastering the ukulele, as evidenced by this jam session yesterday. He concluded by swinging the guitar Pete Townsend-style but I rescued it before his big finale.

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February 16, 2007

good morning, you

NPR did a story the other day on a study showing how insecure infants, babies that are shy and uncomfortable asking adults for what they need, tend to have problems in their relationships later in life.

Don't you worry about Finn in that department. He has no problems asking for what he needs or wants. Whether it's the pretzels he spies while being pushed through the grocery store ("Prezzels. PREZZEL!") or for me to rub his back while he's drinking his milk (he actually grabs my hand, puts it on his back, and starts moving it back and forth in a pat), lack of confidence and an inability to express needs is not a problem here. At this rate, he's going to be some kind of Tony Robbins character when he grows up. (Heaven help us.)

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February 15, 2007

Finn's newest trick

Here's Finn as I found him this morning--sans jammies. Once known as Houdini for his ability to break out of even the tightest swaddle, he has now conquered the challenge of footie pajamas with a zipper closure. All I'm saying is thank goodness his diaper is still on.

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The snow is really gorgeous.

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February 14, 2007

Tru Luv

Happy Valentine's Day to everyone from Finn! No one better give me any grief for dressing him in pink today. He's more than boy enough to pull it off. And besides, he looks so cute in it.

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February 13, 2007

here's our snowstorm

Before we moved to Chicago, everyone warned us gravely about the winter. Being from the Midwest, I knew what I was in for, but Shawn was blissfully ignorant. This winter has been surprisingly mild--even shockingly so. This time last month, I was walking around the neighborhood without a coat on. Mild January weather in Chicago? Paging Al Gore!

But here we are in mid-February, making up for lost time with a big-time, Chicago-grade snowstorm. Poor Santos got let out to relieve himself and was forgotten as I made breakfast. This is Santie when I rediscovered him, ears flat, snow accummulating on his head.

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February 12, 2007

The two sides of Finnie...

I took this photo this weekend at the Children's Museum. They have a little area where kids can paint their own faces. I started drawing a moustache on Finn, which he promptly turned into a technocolor moustache.

This photo of him in the mirror provides a good segue. Last week, Finn came down with the stomach flu. The same kid who loudly proclaims, "Yummy! YUMMY!" whenever he sees or smells food wouldn't touch a thing. And the same guy who would dismantle the DVD player in seconds flat given the opportunity, just kind of sat like a lump whenever you put him down. This is not the Finn I know.

I'm ashamed to admit that I kind of enjoyed having him home sick with me. For once, he wanted nothing more than to snuggle. He's usually way too busy for such mundane activities--in a constant state of toddler inertia. The only time he's ever snuggly is when he's absolutely exhausted. But that day, we cuddled up together on the couch for hours like snowbound lovers. Every time I had to put him down (even snugglers need a bathroom break), he would weep this sad cry, and reach his arms out to me.

Luckily, he was all better in just a day and a half. He was back to declaring everything "YUMMY!", stacking toys to just exhuberantly knock them down again, and narrating the objects in the room. ("Ball... bubbles... Santos... water... Mama. MAMA!!!") While I'm very happy to see him healthy and back to our old energetic Finn, I must guiltily admit that I will miss those unending snuggles. I'll just have to work harder on pooping him out during the day.

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Just call him Mr. Bubble

If there's one thing that Finn loves, it's bubbles. They're downright magic to the boy. Imagine his excitement when he had his first bubble bath.

At first he was a bit overwhelmed by the sheer mass of bubbles. It was almost too much goodness.

But once he settled into the bath, and realized that he could pop them, blow them and fling them all over the place, he was sold. It was tough to get him out of the bath that night.

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February 05, 2007


So, Meg and Anthony are living in Sayulita, Mexico for four months while they're on maternity/paternity leave. A week ago, we were lucky enough to visit them. Although Finn's last visit to the beach last summer was not a happy one, he really loved it this time around. Here he is filling a bucket with sand.

And here he is with his new BFF, Lena. He really loved Lena, although the did have a certain sibling rivalry going.

But something tells me that when Finn's older, he's going to be telling all of his friends that he and Lena deGuzmen went on vacation together to Mexico once upon a time.

You would absolutely not believe the place they're staying:

We even had our own guest house. Which was awesome, except at 3:30am, when Finn woke, up, realized Mommy and Daddy were in the room and thought it was Party Time.

But we had fun at the beach.

And it sure was great to see the deGuzmen.


Thanks from the Hazens! Next stop for the deGuzmen: Chicago!

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Pretty in Pink

Finn had spilled on his sweater today, so when I picked him up from daycare today, they had dressed him in the only other sweater they had that fit him--a pink one with a pretty little flower on it. When I first saw him, I literally didn't recognize him--I was wondering who this darling little blonde girl was. He's usually such a boy (with a capital "B"). It was kind of fun to have my baby dressed in pink for once.

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