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March 07, 2007

recent milestones/anecdotes in Finn's world (and one in Santos')

* He had his first haircut last weekend.

* He knows more and more words every day (we've lost count) and revels in pointing out objects that he knows the words for. ("Choo choo!" "Kitty Cat!" "Cheese!")

* He knows the names for almost all his friends at daycare. There's "Eye-Lie" (Eli), "Lala" (Deleila), "Ella" (well, he's got that one down), and "CaCa" (Francesca).

* He also now knows that he, in fact, is Finn. When you ask him, "Who's Finn?" he proudly marches around saying "Me, me, ME!"

* Along with "me" also comes "mine." He is a mini squatter, going around, collecting items, and declaring them all, "mine!" (By the way, exclamation points are in no way superfluous when you're talking about a toddler.)

* He is a kissing bandit--except with Shawn and me. He kisses the characters in his books, people on TV, his friends in daycare, our friends, but for some reason, is shy about kissing his own mama and daddy. Maybe it's because we're always kissing him so much.

* He's learning his letters! The first ones we taught him were his initials--F and H. He now proudly points to these letters on everything he can find, and claps when he finds one.

* Yesterday, he was being kind of clingy when I left him at daycare. But Marilyn had made French Toast for the kids for breakfast. As sure as he took his first bite, he said, "MMMM!", then looked me straight in the eye, waved, and said "Bye-bye, mommy" and went back to his toast. The kid likes his food.

* Last Saturday morning, we let Finn fuss in his crib for a while, as we attempted to eke a few more minutes of sleep. After a few minutes of Finn's fussing, Santos literally went over to the baby monitor, smacked it over with his paw, then ran to Finn's door to wait for us to go get him. I hate to think we were out-parented by the dog.

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