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March 13, 2007

this is how we roll, part 2

Say what you will about the Chicago winters, but after suffering all those months, there is really nothing like the rush of that first day it's over 60 degrees. Memories from last weekend need to be gathered together in a video montage of images with something like "Daydream Believer" playing in the background. Finn riding his trike around the front yard. Finn and Mama going down slides side-by-side at the park. One of the neighborhood kids stopping by to get the baseball he accidentally hit into our backyard. Santos finding a sandwich stuffed in the branches of a tree, then stopping to sniff every tree with the belief/hope that sandwiches grew on trees during springtime in Chicago. (Only in heaven, boy. And there, they have bacon on them.)

Finn is now 18 months old and more and more delightful every day. He loves any and all animals. At Carrie's, he got to pet an actual kitty cat for the first of time, and it almost blew his mind. The cat was a great sport, but started to get annoyed as Finn followed him around the house, saying "kika, kika!!" He also loves horses (like his Auntie Julie!) He insists on reading his book about horses every night before bed and makes his stuffed baby pet the pictures in the book. When he saw the neighbor's fish tank this weekend, he almost plotzed from excitement, jumping up and down saying "Fishies! FISHIES!"

As he is in constant motion right now, Finn's also a bit of a handful. But such a delightful, adorable handful. Not one of the kids content to sit and play with blocks, Finn is more likely to be stacking up the blocks to use them as a step to open the window and throw his toys out. It's as if he can't believe that his Mama and Daddy, as ambulatory people like him, don't spend entire days opening and closing cabinets, emptying the drawers of their contents, and chasing the dog around the house.

The other day, as we were walking back from the park, Finn looked up to me from the stroller and said, "Pretzel, Mama." I gave him a pretzel, and he smiled and just said, "Happy." May you have a lifetime of happy days awaiting you, my little love.

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