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December 12, 2007

a visit with Nana

IMG_4902.JPG, originally uploaded by lisabagg.

Since Nana's planned flight the previous weekend got canceleddue to an ice storm, Finn and I made a last-minute visit to Cleveland last weekend. You won't believe this, but I totally forgot to take pictures. Well, not totally, but every time I would remember, I would have bedhead or Finn would be fussing or the like. So this photo from the last summer visit will have to suffice.

It was delightful to see Nana, and I was delighted that Finn took to her right away. He literally ran right up to her in the airport, took her hand, and immediately started chatting away about his airplane trip. Although he had his moments, he really made himself at home from the start, enjoying all the treasures of Nana's kitchen (and discovering the gastronomic treat that is Bob Evans sausage), chasing kitties, and playing with toys. He even said, "I love you, Nana!" a few times, totally unprompted, which is beyond sweet.

I got to visit Katy and Herbster at a morning playgroup on Friday, which was awesome. I loved seeing their kids and especially Finn playing with them.

Finn did miss Santos and Daddy, so he was happy to come home. But he had a delightful time exploring Nana's house and flying on the plane ride there. The plane ride home was another story. If 24's Jack Bauer ever wants to get one of those terrorists to talk, he should have them take a toddler on a flight. And then have that flight be cancelled. And oversold. With cranky people. And then have your laptop die with the soothing Dora cartoons no longer available. Those dudes would snap.

But we had a great time, flight nonwithstanding!

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