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November 27, 2011

Nana's Fun Thanksgiving Visit

We squeezed in a photo before dinner. You have to act fast with a squirmy kid like Corm.


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November 22, 2011

He knows how cute he is...

... and that makes him dangerous.


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November 08, 2011

Halloween 2011

Halloween is always a big deal around here. And it makes me love our neighborhood even more. The streets are just teeming with kids, most of them whom we know. We've been blessed with really nice weather the past few years. We usually head out and hit the streets until our feet hurt.

This year, Cormac was TOTALLY into it. In the days leading up to Halloween, we would coach him, asking, "When you knock on someone's door in your costume on Halloween, what do you say?" His response? "Happy Birthday!"

He absolutely could not believe that people just give you candy for dressing up like Superman and asking for it. As I type this (a week after Halloween), Cormac is wearing his Superman costume, which he insists on doing as long as it is clean. ("No pee in it?")


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I love Fall in Chicago. Here we are at a Pumpkin Patch with my pumpkins.




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Our Canine Boy

All of this is not to forget the first male Hazen to join our home--Santos L. Halper. Santos is now nine years old and as Finn says, "The best dog in the world, universe, solar system, and Milky Way."


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Best Friends

The boys do spar frequently. But they play together constantly and really are one another's best friends.


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We spend a lot of time with our neighbors, especially the two girls three doors down, Rowan and Brooke.


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Finn's first day of Kindergarten

Shortly, after we returned from San Francisco, Finn turned six. (HOW did that happen?) But two days earlier, he started Kindergarten. The process of applying for Kindergarten was kind of excruciating. But I think Finn landed where he was meant to be. Our neighborhood school is Belding Elementary. He has a diverse class of really wonderful kids and an EXCEPTIONAL teacher. He's really thriving there. It's great because since we live so close, I can volunteer in the classroom. I'm there every Thursday for Reading Workshop, and it is a lot of fun.


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OK, let's start back in San Francisco


During the month of August, we were in San Francisco. Through a confluence of really lucky events and the kindness of friends, we stayed in a lovely home (that we could never afford in "real life") in the West Portal neighborhood, enjoyed the services of my dear friend Heather's Little Fawn Playschool, and enjoyed old friend. The top photo is of the boys at Fisherman's Wharf. Below is a photo of Finn and Cormac with our friends, Dave and Wendell's son Gus. (And we got to meet his new baby sister, Rosabel.) We finally got to meet him! Don't they look like long-lost twins? (Gus and Cormac were born within weeks of each other.) They totally hit it off. Danny and Dave were in town, too! They didn't see the allure of a 9:30am brunch, though.


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holy smokes, am I ever a slacker!

It has been weeks--NAY, months--since I updated this blog. Well, that ends today. I am going to bring you up-to-date on the highlights of that time and start anew.

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