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February 04, 2012

Loyal Beast


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You would not believe the workout you get pulling these kids along.

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R2-D2 Snowman


Chicago is totally making me suspicious this Winter. With very little snow, and mild temperatures, I have nothing to complain about. Which is rare. Just look through the archives to see me whining my way through January, February, and March.

So, when it does snow, the kids are all over it. Here are Rowan and Brooke with Cormac and a snowman they made my shoveling all the snow on the block, packing it into buckets, and making a little R2-D2-shaped snowman.

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Snow Man Buddies


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Best Snow Fort Ever


I can take no credit for helping Finn build this. His awesome nanny, Eva, did this with him on one of his days off. Complete with flags and everything!

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