October 01, 2005

growth spurt

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Right on schedule, Finn seems to be undergoing a growth spurt. To say this is to say that the kid is attached to my hooters the better part of the day. When I finally think he's sated, he does one of those cartoon baby wails (where you can practically see his tonsils quiver) and goes for more. It's a good thing he's so darn cute, because hooter duty at 4a.m. is really starting to get old. I feel like I'm wearing chain mail, I'm so tired.

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September 29, 2005

view from the nursing chair

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Is it me, or does the light here in the nursery look like a giant nipple? Maybe I'm just delirious because the time I'm spending nursing this little fellow per day literally rivals the amount of time I used to spend at work. Only here, I can watch Oprah. It's seriously all about the boobs these days--if I'm not nursing, I'm pumping. If I'm not pumping, I'm drinking tea to up my milk supply or emptying the refrigerator to satisfy my breastfeeding appetite. (Pregnancy had nothing on this!) As with all gains in life, there's clearly a price to be paid for the new, curvier boobs.

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