November 07, 2005

That's One Smart Cookie

One Smart Cookie
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To be fair, it's really not much of a "surprise" anymore. The child's pooping aptitude is something most six-month-olds would aspire to. (Not to brag or anything.)

Thanks to Jenni for the adorable onesie!

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October 06, 2005

you can't tell me this is just gas

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So, all the books agree that it's a little early for Finn to be smiling (he's almost 4 weeks). But ever so often, he comes up with these adorable gummy grins that just melt your heart. And yes, to be fair, these grins are often followed by some serious adult-caliber pooping noises. (I'm telling you, the boy is quite advanced for his age.) But, poop and all, I'll still take the gummy grins when I can get 'em.

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September 26, 2005

the first official poop post

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This may fall under the categories of subjects only a mother (and father) can love, but here goes. The kid does the most adorable little dance, accompanied by a bunch of wonderfully emotive facial expressions when he's pooping. Here is a little sampling of the dramatic range Finn brings to the theater of poop. (Click the photo to enlarge.)

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