90210 Fun

If living in California has taught me one thing, it's that life out here is a lot like 90210. Now you can have your own authentic California adventure as you play with the fate of the 90210 kids and write your very own TV script!

SCENE ONE: Kelly has a terrible secret. She confides in Donna that she is . Donna responds warmly, by offering to help Kelly take her mind off things by accompanying her on a weekend trip to a spa where Donna already planned to dye her hair a fetching shade of . Kelly agrees that the spa will be great, but what will she tell ?

SCENE TWO: Little does Kelly know, Valerie's cooking up a scheme all her own. Turns out she knows Kelly's little secret and plans to announce it during a rocking night at the . This will serve Kelly right for stealing from her. The best part is, all of Beverly Hills will be there--it's the live debut of David's new smash-hit hip-hop remix single, . You better believe this night will rock!

SCENE THREE: Later, at the concert, trouble brews. It seems some of Steve's frat-boy friends have imbibed a few too many . They're out of control and looking for trouble. They already hate hip-hop, but they were looking for a reason to kick David's ass anyway. Leading the group from past episodes is , pissed off for being written out of the show.

SCENE FOUR: Val just can't watch this happen. Not on David's big night. She creates a diversion, , while the cops drag off the underage rapscallions. David's debut goes off without a hitch, and Val's too busy to carry out the rest of her plan. Instead, she chats it up with a friendly frat-boy who didn't get carried off in the melee. It seems he didn't want to mess with David, he's just . Romance must be in the air as they leave together. It's just another night in Beverly Hills!