Dandy Pants Poll

Well, the votes came in from all around the country for this one. It's obvious that Dandy Pants are a divisive, hotbutton issue split along gender lines. Here's how it panned out.

Dandy, no doubt about it

Despite a valiant effort by the male species to show any redeeming value in Dandy Pants, they still suck. And I'm sure there is a butt flap back there somewhere, even if you can't see it blaring through the bright red and yellow plaid.
--Barb Myers, Cincinnati, Ohio

I have been recruited to cast my vote in regards to the "Dandy Pants" fashion statement. Although I will admit that I would be hard pressed to wear these gems in public, I am also willing to admit that I am not at the cutting edge of fashion as my friend David H. is. In the years that I have known Dave, he has always been a bit ahead of his time. I am quite sure that these so called "Dandy Pants" will be the hottest ticket in the new millenium. Thus, my humble advice to your readers and pollsters, buy a pair or two while you still can!
--Tsuyoshijen Fukuda

I have the same pair and people love them.
--John Gibel

'David H has always been way, way ahead of the fashion curve. The word lame could never be used to describe the genius that is Gibel fashion.Who ever said only dead men wear plaid never knew Dave.
--Brian Sutherland, Boston, Mass.

The butt flap is a timeless fashion which should never be questioned. I'm a little disappointed in your lack of judgment. I don't know who these women are that you've polled, but they're a real bad lot, I can tell you that. The Verdict: Definitely and Determinedly Dandy Pants P.S. I asked Danny about this issue and he replied, "Luuuuv the butt flap!"
--Nick Stipanovich, Cleveland, Ohio

I think I may have miscast my vote, so please change to "way cool." I'm sorry for the inconvenience regarding this matter
--Nick's Second Vote

Those pants are way lame. Unless, of course, you live in Anchorage, the fashion capital of the Arctic. Why we've got men that think wearing fur jock straps is sexy (and I ain't kiddin').
--Annie Garibaldi, Anchorage, Alaska

I couldn't tell if I liked Dave's pants from the picture. But if everyone else hated them, I'd probably think they are pretty cool since my fashion sense is about as accurate as a shot in the dark.
--Robert Jackson, San Francisco, California

--Brenda Tucker, San Francisco, California

I am currently taking a statistics course. I am concerned that, when completed, the data you will have collected regarding opinions of Dave's pants may be somewhat skewed. Although the photo is fuzzy, your description of the pants is accurate and objective. My concern is your inclusion of your own opinion and that of other women who believe that Dave's pants are lame. This is where you erred. It will be difficult to obtain data which is objective due to your incorporation of this information. As you know, we all look up to you and the women you socialize with, and want to emulate you at all times. This phenomena is likened to viewers' feelings about the characters on the television program friends: everyone wants shirts like Chandler's, everyone wants their hair to be shiny like Rachel's, everyone wants their collarbones to protrude like Monica's... you get the picture. People who are actually impressed with Dave's pants will answer otherwise in order to build an allegiance with you and your girls. Therefore, might I suggest, in an effort to get a more accurate statistical analysis, that you try using a frequency distribution for quantitative data. This is a collection of observations (or opinions, in this case) produced by sorting observations into classes and showing their frequency (or number) of occurrences in each class. Ours would be done ordinally, ranked from more to less, but not having a set difference between each one. For example: How do you feel about Dave's pants? With options of "THEY ARE EXTREMELY COOL, SOMEWHAT COOL, UNCOOL, LAME, SOMEWHAT LAME, EXTREMELY LAME, etc. After collecting our data we could lay out a cross-classification analysis used to show the association between the variables. The independent variable would be DAVE'S PANTS and the dependent would be PEOPLE'S FEELINGS ABOUT DAVE'S PANTS. This technique would save you from the potential law suit which Dave might bring against you due to collecting data unfairly and presenting it to others as fact. Constructing a more accurate cross tab might also finally convince Dave to get rid of those hideous, extremely lame trousers before they offend the next unsuspecting passerby who lays their eyes on them.
--Heather Gray, San Francisco, California

Dandy pants are lame. No doubt about it.
--Barb Myers, Cincinnati, Ohio

Lame, lame, lame! Gibbie, you were really wearing pants with a butt flap out in public?! Oh my. Just be glad that you can't see your face in that photo you'd be in trouble when people on the streets recognized you.
--Amy Passant, Chicago, Illinois

Hey! Where can I get a pair of those hip pants? In fact, do they make a body suit? Very cool!!
--Leonard Gibel, Cleveland, Ohio

For the record, I was with the subject in question when the Dandy pants were purchased. While I do not condone the use of such pants to get breakfast in public, I will attest that said pants do not contain any flap or openings which would suggest a flap is available for certain unspecified activities that may or may not call the subject's long-term goals in question. If there are any unanswered questions (which I suspect there are many), please feel free to contact me.
--Craig Michaels, San Francisco, California

I think they're just pants, actually.
--Rita Sharma, San Francisco, California

To the Dandy Pants!