Ask Dr. Dave!

Looking for relationship advice? Ask Dr. Dave! Says Dave: "When you find yourself at square one as much as I do, you learn a few things." Take stock of his wisdom and ask him your own questions!

How do you initiate that first kiss?
The first kiss is all about vibes. By and large, unless the vibes are unmistakably strong and it is obvious that both participants are interested, don't initiate it on the first date. The second date is where you make your move, but if it seems more appropriate, a peck will suffice. You don't necessarily have to stick your tongue down your date's mouth, unless, again, the vibe is there. Women take note: You, too, can initiate the first kiss. Remember, you are woman and you are empowered.
[Editor's Note: I sense some patronization in the last comment.]

How do you ask someone out?
Remember: Women can ask guys out, too!! The key is to keep it casual early on. Putting on the "full court press" in the early going can be (and usually is) the kiss of death. It's better to err on the side of too casual in those all-critical first few weeks than vice versa. Remember, restraint is key in the early stages. Suggest getting together for cocktails, taking a hike, something very non-threatening.

Here's what not to do: The other night, my roommate went out with a woman for the first time. He tells me he needs to make a reservation somewhere. "Reservation!" I screamed in disbelief. "You're breaking a cardinal rule of the first date--dinner is out, especially at a restaurant that's nice enough to require reservations. Cocktails," I implore.

He says, "I guess that means I shouldn't get her flowers, huh?" After picking my jaw off the floor, I decide he can tell what my answer is without the benefit of me uttering a word. "I don't want to go out with someone who's not going to appreciate flowers on the first date." I'll address the whole subject of flowers, do's and dont's, in a later installment.
[Editor's Note: DEPENDS ON THE GUY. Aquarello is a better call than Jack-In-The-Box, Dave.]

What's the best way to "pick up" the opposite sex?
There's no substitute for good ol' fashioned hard work. Personal ads, the Internet etc. are crap. Having dabbled in that area in my more desperate periods, I've learned that you meet mostly socially retarded people with whom you have no future these ways.

The best way, in my humble opinion, to land a lad or lassie is to network through friends. Have them introduce you to their single, available (hopefully emotionally stable) friends. Parties can be pretty good as well, because the atmosphere isn't contrived like a bar, which is a lousy place to meet people, in my humble opinion. But then again, I don't have to be humble, do I? I am the doctor, and I am an internationally-recognized expert on the subject.