Fun Stuff

Ask Clintie!
Consult your favorite rocket scientist for answers to the world's questions.

The Earthquake Trilogy
Think I'm nuts living here and chancing The Big One? So does a kid from rural New York. Read on.

Theme Song
I'm gonna make it after all!

The Squawker
She's got a mouth on her.

Love Advice from Dr. Dave
Advice from San Francisco's resident Love Doctor.

Dandy Pants or Just Dandy?
Weigh in on the issue that is polarizing the sexes.

90210 Mad Libs
Pretend you're Aaron Spelling and play God with the fate of Kelly, Brandon, Dylan, and David!

San Francisco Cartoon
A great cartoon from the New York Times.

Magic 8 Ball
If Clintie and Dr. Dave haven't answered your questions, consult the Magic 8 Ball.