The Squawker!

Sick of those politicians and their hypocracy? So is Baggermania's political columnist. This particular person insists on going by an obscure moniker ("The Squawker") since her conspicuous D.C. career may cause her to be "silenced" for her opinions, if you know what we mean. And I think you do.

Once in a while an idea comes along that is so devoid of any basis in fact, so bereft of anything that could be called logic, a Sqwaker like me need not pause to point out its sheer stupidity. The concept of the "alpha male" is just such an idea. Some whack of a geneticist (and you guessed it&emdash;a man) claims that certain males are so superior&emdash;either physically or mentally&emdash;that they cannot, by nature, maintain monogamous relations. You see, unavoidable biological impulses drive these men to jump from flower to flower spreading their good seed so that the population will evolve to be smarter, faster, better looking. This phenomenon has been used to explain the dalliances of our President. And he's in good company. Bruce Willis (the balding but stylish action hero) is convinced that he, too, is an alpha male, and that Mother Nature herself prohibits him from being faithful to the fair Demi. Ahh . . . now I understand.

--The Squawker

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