Sunset on our last night. This is Whitman, our fabulous guide. In fact, we were blessed with two fabulous guides! This is Daniel. Amy with Stan and Claire.

Half our group. (clockwise from left) Manifred, Claudia, Claire, Stan, Jim, Monica, Alaistair, Christine, Jot, Gretchen, and Mopps.

And the other half. (clockwise from left) Monica, Alistair, Christine, George, John, Stan, Donald, Susan, David, Nikki, Barbara, Me, Amy, Jot, and Gretchen.
On our last morning, a pelican bid us adieu.

We boarded our panga...

One of my favorites of the crew.

Before going to the airport, we stopped at a ranch to see 100-year-old, 500 lb. land tortoises.

And the rare, but delightful Abogado Land Tortoise.

We reluctantly shoved off.

Bought souvenirs.

And that night, Amy and I had dinner in Quito with the Patel sisters (whom we had met our first night in town) and compared notes on our trips.

Nearly 20 hours later, I was home to my sweetheart and gave him his "I Love Boobies" (snicker, snicker) T-shirt.