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July 25, 2006

OK, Finn, now say "Mama"

There really isn't anything like hearing your baby say "mama" on demand. Especially if you're his mama. Here, I bribe Finn with a cookie, which he lustily devours, and murmurs his expanding vocabulary on demand. He's become quite the mimic, like a miniature human beatbox or that guy from the Police Academy movies who could convincingly imitate a lawnmower or siren.

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July 24, 2006


Although the great Finnster rarely allows himself to be contained, he does love a good game of choo-choo along the floor in the laundry basket.

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July 20, 2006

it's hard out here for a baby

You think things are rough? Imagine you had to learn to crawl all over again, and you weren't quite sure how your arms and legs worked yet. Finn reminds us that being a baby isn't all teddy bears and footie pajamas.

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July 19, 2006

like father, like son

Both like to kick back with a bottle at the end of a long day.

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July 18, 2006

Nana with Finn

Nana came to visit from Cleveland last weekend. Finn took to her immediately, reaching out to her, giving smiles, and babbling away. He even showed off my not only crawling for the first time, but giving kisses and sleeping in past 5:30am. for the first time in months. He loved her even more when she gave him a bite of her waffle at breakfast. I think he knows that already that grandmas are made to spoil their grandbabies.

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July 17, 2006

one is big and one is little

Here is Finn, looking like a moose next to teeny little Gracie Weir.

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July 12, 2006

Ocean Man

It's been a long time since I've posted a movie. But here's my little Ocean Man in the bathtub. (I know the video is a little wonky and the music plays too long, but expedited cuteness won out over proper editing.)

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July 11, 2006

a day at the beach

Unfortunately, Finn's enthusiasm here shows pretty much how much he enjoyed his first day at the beach. It was bright, sunny, and when your skin is so white it glows and you don't consider yourself much of a "hat guy" (he would pull it off every time I tried to put it on), you're not in for much fun. Mostly, he wrestled his hat off his head and ate handfuls of sand. Our first visit was a short one, but I'm hoping to travel a little smarter next time.

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July 05, 2006

trying so hard to crawl...

He's getting there...

Although I'm excited to witness that little diapered butt zipping around the house on his hands and knees, I have to say, I will kind of mourn the passing of his pre-crawling days. And not just because I can plop him in one spot and know that he will be in the same general area when I return. But because my little baby is growing up. The next thing I know, he will be walking, talking, and eating corn on the cob with those newly minted teeth. (And believe me, the way this kid eats, he is going to put those teeth to some serious use as soon as he can.) From there, it's a slippery slope to the first day of school, riding a bike... Before we know it, he will be borrowing the car keys and locking himself in his bedroom and listening to objectionable popular music. Consuming entire pizzas with his grown-up teeth and calling girls on the phone, not just doing the baby drunk-dial he does with the phone right now every time he gets his little mitts on it. My baby! The little guy who cries like he can't bear to see me go when I leave the room, will purposely avoid making eye contact with me when his friends around. But for now, he's just my pre-crawler.

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