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August 31, 2006

Finn urges your support

One of my favorite new friends that I've met here in Chicago is my friend, Lisa Jones. I met her through dear college friend, Lees, (I know, I know Lisa x 3! I advise you to always carry a spare Lisa if you can.). I can't imagine settling here in Chicago without this new Lisa right down the street. She helped us find our awesome house in a great neighborhood, the perfect daycare, and even helped launch the soon-to-be popular Old Irving moms' Friday happy hour series. She is also the mom to Emma, whom Finn adores. I just know, years from now, when Emma's no longer his daycare friend, but the bombshell down the street, he will reference that very photo and say, "You know, Emma Jones used to be sweet on me."

But anyway, Lisa has had a very tough year. She lost her mother to lung cancer, then was diagnosed with breast cancer. She's gone through months of chemo and radiation treatment. And if that isn't tough enough, she did it while working four days a week and taking care of a toddler.

Instead of being angry at the world and retreating under the covers, Lisa did a wonderful thing. She organized Chicago's Lung Run, an event raising money for lung cancer research. Please support this wonderful cause by donating online. I know that there are hundreds of people out there reading this blog every week--I see you in the Web stats. Don't make me come after you, you lovely but anonymous people from places like Knology Holdings and Target--I see you coming each week! If you could find the heart to make a contribution to this worthy cause, you may help stop families like Lisa's from having to go through the pain she has gone through this past year.

And, I have to say, Lisa is the perfect inspiration for this event. The third day after we moved in, Lisa was at our door with a homemade cake and a bottle of wine. She was in the midst of chemo at the time and we were still sleeping on the floor with all of our stuff here. When I told College Friend Lees about this, she said, "Yeah, I'm just surprised you didn't find her out there mowing your lawn, too." I'm telling you folks, this is one Grade A Lisa.

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August 30, 2006

Welcome Sydney Abney!

It's been a while since we've had a baby announcement here at Babymania. But I'm pleased to report that my dear friends Amy Bushyeager and George Abney welcomed their baby boy, Sydney, on August 20th. Everyone is healthy and happy, especially Bush who was on bedrest for two weeks prior. I waited to post his photo along with this, but when I told her to send me one Bush said, (and I quote) "What, like I have time to take photos an email them to you? I've got a newborn and a toddler. One thing I definitely won't be doing is posting it on any kind of blog."

Point taken. So dear readers, you will have to wait for boy Abney's baby photo. But you just know he's going to be sassy, too.

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August 28, 2006

Finn with Mama

Look at that little chubster. (Not me! Finn!)

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August 27, 2006

Gramrene and Finn

Gramrene came to visit us this weekend. The last time she saw Finn, he was just six months old and a little bit shy around her. I think he's come around. Here she is teaching him new words. (Like the doggie says "bow wow," which he picked up right away.

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August 24, 2006

totally tubular

Since Finn loves climbing in and under things, Daddy bought him this long, springy tube to crawl in. He just loves it (as you can see).

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August 23, 2006

where's the baby?

This movie isn't for the casual blog reader. It's for all the hard-core Finn Fans out there. The ones who come here to see this guy in all his 11-month glory. Finn unadorned by clever T-shirts, kitschy music, or pop culture references.

Here's Finn playing peek-a-boo behind the curtain with me this week. I find it adorable, but then I am his mother. And yes, I know I sound like a total tool when I babble to him in BabySpeak.

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August 22, 2006

no contest

I'm sorry, but Finn is SO MUCH cuter than Sean P. Although I'm not sure he would fare in a dance-off.

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there will be no playdate with Sean P.

Forgive me, Sean Preston Federline, but you're not even a year old yet, and you already look like trouble. Something tells me if Brit-Brit and I got together for a playdate with our little guys, they would crawl off and find beer and watch NASCAR or maybe Baywatch reruns. Sean P, mark my words. Finn will never be an aspiring white rapper.

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August 21, 2006

Mom's Happy Hour/Playgroup

Friday, I hosted a neighborhood mom's happy hour where we weary mamas could enjoy a much-needed glass of wine while the kids played. As Katie said, "I was counting down the hours to 4pm all day." Amen, sister. We even had an honorary daddy there (our next-door neighbor, Patrick, and his twin boys--unfortunately, my camera ran out of juice before they arrived). Anyway, here are some photos from the afternoon.

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Mama Replies

So, yesterday, I had a spa day, where I finally used birthday gift certificates from Nana, Uncle Clintie and Aunt Sudi. (Thanks, guys!) I returned home to find Finn and Daddy with a bunch of new inside jokes (apparently, opening and closing the refrigerator is just hilarious), and the previous photos posted on the blog. I can't imagine what ended up on the cutting room floor. I have to say what I don't know won't hurt me&em;I returned smelling of expensive spa products and muscles de-knotted. If Finn learned to blog in my absence, more power to him.

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August 20, 2006

Mama's Away!

Finn Trouble 1
Originally uploaded by Daddy Shawn.

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Mama's Away!

Finn Trouble 2
Originally uploaded by Daddy Shawn.

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Mama's Away!

Finn Trouble 3
Originally uploaded by Daddy Shawn.
And with Dadday watching me, it's EASY to get in trouble!

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August 15, 2006

EVERY time!

One of these days, I will be able to capture a photo of Finn smiling. Right before this was taken, he had the most adorable grin, with his two bottom teeth sticking out. His eyes were squinting and his cheeks were absolutely bulging with glee. But as soon as I pull out my camera, he lunges for it. My theory is that he wants to teach me what it's like to have a camera in your face all the time.

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August 10, 2006

hot child in the city

When I picked Finn up from daycare the other day, one of the little girls told me, "I think Finn's going to be a movie star when he grows up, because he flirts with all the girls."

And if flirting portends life as a thespian, I think we've got a future Oscar nominee on our hands. Finn will go from being completely grouchy and obstinate to a twinkle-eyed charmer in the presence of a lovely lady. I have tried over and over to capture his flirty, toothy grin, but every time I pull out my camera, he tries to grab it and he becomes all business. Clearly, I'm going to have to distract him with with some little cutie, or perhaps on of our stall of gorgeous babysitters. (Yes, he flirts with them, too.)

This future career comment got me thinking about what Finn do in the future. Based on his current interests, came up with the following:

* Restaurant reviewer ("This dish gets an 'MMMMM!' while this dish gets an 'MMMMMMM!' + plus a fist pump.")

* Demolition man (He really likes nothing like putting a bunch of stuff on a chair, and knocking it off, clear across the room.)

* Dog trainer (Or dog chaser, take your pick.)

* Boy Band Singer (He's got an a capello singing voice)

* Camera Inspector (see above)
* The George Clooney Equivalent of 2025 (the kid's got charm, and we'll need a new George Clooney by then, anyway!)

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August 09, 2006

Mission... Possible

People may say I have too much time on my hands, but they don't know how early I get up in the morning.

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August 08, 2006


If you look very closely, you can see a little blond after-bath fauxhawk. Eat your heart out, Maddox Jolie-Pitt.

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August 02, 2006

in motion

I love this photo for three reasons: First, look who's pulling himself up to standing! What a cute little naked man! Second, it demonstrates how Finn is almost always in motion--he looks like a hummingbird in this photo, if the hummingbird was disguised as a cute little naked man. It's amazing I was able to capture this elusive animal in a photograph. Last, but by no means least, have you ever seen such an adorable little butt? People, that is one scrumptious butt.

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August 01, 2006

bikini inspector

It was so hot this weekend that the only option for leaving the house involved going to the pool. Finn and I braved the crowds at the neighborhood pool, which was literally swarming with kids. I was afraid that he would get scared or overwhelmed with all the yelling and running, but he really loved it. He sat there, watching all the kids with big eyes, and smiled at and splashed back at the kids who came over to talk to him.

But he saved his biggest smiles for the other ladies in the pool. There's nothing Finn likes better than playing with strings--pulling them, chewing on them... So when he spotted a buxom woman with a string bikini and smiled and reached out his arms to her, he came close to causing a wardrobe malfunction.

After swimming, I got a popsicle from the icecream man and we sat in the park, sharing it. Finn decided the heat isn't so bad afterall.

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