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September 29, 2006

I'm in Parent Hacks today!

Here's my entry:

Oatmeal bath soothes serious diaper rash

Sore bottoms, rejoice! Note Lisa's subtle use of puns:

This hack is for those babies with majorly red little bums from diaper rash. I was literally painting my baby's butt white with Desitin at each diaper change, but(t) it wasn't enough. Our daycare provider advised me to take an old stocking, fill it with oatmeal, and put it in the bath with the babe. It softens the bathwater and--no s***--really does really help those sore bottoms. Just let the babe soak away in there for 20 minutes or so and the redness goes away. The only downside is that my dog would not stop licking the baby afterwards. I think he tasted extra delicious.

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September 28, 2006


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September 27, 2006

The Real Slim Shady

Hey, Finn! Please stand up!

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September 25, 2006

Auntie Leesh and Uncle Adam Visit

We were soooo happy to have our first Bay Area guests this weekend--Alicia and Adam! My only complaint is that their visit was way too short. We went to the Art Institute (Finn loved the paintings and his voice echoing in the galleries) on Saturday, then Samira and Alex came over for chiles rellanjos. Sunday, we went on an architectural boat tour of the city. (Since it conflicted with naptime, Finn and Daddy had to stay home.) It was just great to see them and introduce them to Chicago. What great friends to travel so far just to see us for a weekend.

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September 21, 2006

Welcome Sutton Pierce Federline!

We here at Babymania (who positively get giddy with every Britney move) would like to welcome the newest member of the Spears/Federline family to the world. Although we probably would have named him "Justin SexyBack Timbaland Spears Federline," but realize that they wanted to carry through the "S P" initials.

Godspeed to you, little Sutton Pierce! May you always be buckled into your carseat (the right way), not trip, and stay far away from your father's rap "music."

* Yes, I know that is the rascally Sean P in that photo, but there are no public photos of the baby yet.

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September 20, 2006


I love this photo of FInn. It really captures his personality these days. Fearless, funny, and very independent.

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September 19, 2006

Grandpa and Grandma Baggerman Visit

We were very happy to host Finn's Pittsburgh grandparents this weekend. He kept us all hopping and was quite the charmer, climbing right into their laps and sharing toys. One discovery is that, despite the fact that Finn looks all Hazen to most people, he really looks a lot like Grandpa Pete. Here's exhibit A. (above) They even have the same look on their faces.

And here's exhibit B. Same mischevous smile!

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September 18, 2006

Welcome, Vivian McAuliffe deGuzman!


Meg, Anthony, and big sister Lena welcome the newest deGuzman to the world--little Vivian! She arrived September 14th after a very short labor. (But, gratefully, long enough to get the epidural.) We miss our Oakland pals, but are so very happy that there are more deGuzmen in this world. Mama, Daddy, Big Sister, and Baby are all doing well. So well that you have to wonder where Meg gets off looking so great here after just giving birth.

Welcome, Sweet Vivian!

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September 13, 2006

Welcome Ava and Sophia!

Congratulations to Andrea and Barb for welcoming their twin girls! That's Ava (left) and Sophia (right). At least, I think that's right. Both moms and babies are doing splendidly!

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September 11, 2006

Birthday party pics

Here are photos from Finn's first birthday party. Consider it a given that the boy loooooovvved his first taste of cake. (Amy Sedaris' cupcake recipe, by the way.) It was a rainy day here, and the kids, hopped up on cupcakes and snacks were positively pumped. Finn piled right in with all of them. It looked like a decadent toy explosion in here. Luckily, there was beer for the parents. See all the photos here.

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September 09, 2006

Forbidden Love

Kisses through the baby gate.

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September 08, 2006

Happy First Birthday, Finn!

Dear Finn, (shown surrounded by his birthday loot and wearing the T-shirt Daddy made him)

I can't believe it, but a year ago today, you were born. A huge 9lb. 1oz baby boy—in Berkeley, California. Here we are a year later with a significantly more enormous boy—23lbs.—and in Chicago, no less. I can’t really imagine how we got here so quickly. (Both literally and figuratively.) Especially since 11 months ago, I couldn’t picture a time when I would be using the bathroom without you peering up at me from a bouncy seat, much less your Daddy and I accomplishing a cross-country move with an infant.

Your first four months are a bit of a blur—a cycle of eating, napping, and crying. Especially eating. I wondered why I didn’t gain much weight while pregnant with you, despite having a three-pint-a-week Ben & Jerry’s habit. Little did I know, I was incubating an incredible metabolism machine. You literally nursed 7-8 hours a day, and even then we were supplementing with formula. You logged hours of your early life in your infant swing. A swing, that if outfitted with an odometer, would have rocked you the equivalent of the distance to the moon. We also had the stereo tuned to static to soothe you. Truth be told, you were kind of kicking our butts there for a while.

Something magical happened right around month four, however. You started sleeping for longer periods and crying less. You were smiling more. Nothing escaped your attention. Right around this time, you became this happy little guy, who would just hang out with me and entertain himself with his toys.

Today, you have more energy than anyone I know. I remember when you first turned over on your own, and thought that was pretty neat. Now, you’re hitting and exceeding milestones every day. You’ve always been chatty, but now you’re babbling in full sentences. Imitating every sound you hear, particularly sirens, horns, and cars (you’re a city boy, after all). You climb on everything you can, crawl at top speed, and experiment with standing alone. You eat—and eat everything—with absolute gusto.

You are constantly experimenting in your new world. Your pattern is this: pick up toy (or sometimes not a toy), shake it, drop it, pick it up again, throw it, taste it, discard and repeat with a different toy (or not toy). You take your job as a miniature gravity tester/item taster very seriously, and when you make it through your overflowing bin of toys, you look around for something else to test. You find the tiniest speck on the floor and go after it, the slimmest corner, and crawl into it.

You are also tremendously social. I was worried about taking you to daycare, concerned that you wouldn’t get the attention you seemed to need. But you have absolutely flourished there. You actually already have friends (I recently heard one kid call you “The Finnster”) and you kick and smile and wave with both hands when you see them. You don’t even look back when I leave—you’re too busy climbing into the group of kids and commencing your very important gravity experimentation. When we walk in the neighborhood, you wave enthusiastically at anyone walking the opposite direction and say “buh-bye” in the cutest little baby voice. Andwhen you see a dog? You’re pointing and exclaiming “ooooh”, while offering your mouth for kisses. (We are discouraging you from doing this.)

For such a young guy, you really do have a great sense of humor. Your taste leans toward the slapstick right now. For instance, when Daddy pretends to fall, that is hi-larious. When we make funny faces? A hoot. Other kids make you laugh in a way that makes me wonder if you have some secret language where you babies make fun of your silly parents together.

I’m so proud to have such a smart, funny, adorable, sweet little son. I wish I could keep you at this age forever, because every day, I think “This is the best stage! I just can’t bear to watch you get any older!” But this happens almost every day. So, just imagine how much I’ll love you this time next year. Happy Birthday, my Finn.

Your Mama

Letter to baby idea thanks to Dooce.

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September 07, 2006

Finn Cruise?

I don't know. I just don't think that Suri looks like either one of them.

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Your Finn Photo of the Day

You're welcome.

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September 06, 2006

What does Lisa do all day?

Some of you have written in, noting that I've mentioned that Finn is in daycare, wondering what it is that I do all day. The answer is quite simple: shopping. That is, when I'm not at the spa. Or lunching with my garden group.

I kid, I kid. I'm actually working Monday through Thursday doing Web design work for a bunch of different clients. Last month, I launched the Milk It Mama sweepstakes site, I'm working on the launch of Pilates Pro, and today launched the site for Ark, Wiley, & Jobson. I have a bunch of new, exciting clients that include a Chicago mystery writer, a Chicago OB/GYN group, the NCLR, and possibly a new assignment to do Web promotions for the new, revised edition of (wait for it...) The Bible. For reals.

I'm also writing email newsletters for Chronicle, articles where I can get them, and product reviews for SheFindsMom. The latter has been a lot of fun, as I get to try new makeup and hair products, put Finn in clothes to see how they hold up under the cutest of circumstances, and fancy myself a fashion maven.

Of course, I have to get the obligatory plug for myself in here. If you know of someone looking for a Web designer, copywriter, or feature writer, do let me know!

P.S. A much better designed and updated version of lisahazen.com is coming. Slowly, but it's coming.

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September 05, 2006

Oaktown in 'da house

I want you to know that it hurt me to write the title in faux gangster-ese. But poseur that I am, I had to represent. Finn's just showing that he's still got mad love for Oaktown (in particular, Temescal), even if he is a Chicago boy now. Right down to his intimidating scowl.

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September 03, 2006

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

Finn wanted me to wish his Daddy a very Happy Birthday on his behalf. Happy Birthday, Daddy Shawn! We love you!

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