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May 29, 2010

git along, little doggie

DSCI0017, originally uploaded by lisabagg.

One of the most awesome things about being a parent is the not-so-controlled chaos of school performances. I absolutely love to see a bunch of kids, belting their hearts out to songs they've been singing at home for several weeks, dressed in cute costumes.

This is Finn, who played a puppy dog in Disney II Magnet School's spring concert. How cute is he? We was very proud to perform. I helped paint noses and whiskers on the kid before the performance, so I got to see the backstage action.

Finn narrowly missed performing because he had a case of the barfs this week. I really think he would have been crushed, I'm so glad he was better. His teacher, Mrs. Graves, said, "In the morning, I realized it was almost lunchtime, and no one had made me cards, picked me flowers or given me hugs. That was when I realized Finn was out that day." As proof, she opened up her locker to reveal about four cards he made for her over the year, proclaiming his love.

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May 25, 2010

Cormac at 18 Months

IMGP1892.jpg, originally uploaded by Daddy Shawn.

Oh, Cormac, it is a good thing you are so darn cute. Because you have evolved into quite the little scamp during the past six months. Your energy is simply indefatigable--from the time you get up in the morning, you start the day by rattling the rails of your crib like you're in the clink. You bound out of bed, demanding "MLK! MLK!" and then happily devour a full 12 oz.

Then, you're off and running (for the next few hours) like a miniature drunk, stumbling around, hugging, knocking things over, abruptly changing directions, and frequently chasing the dog. The best word I would use to describe you is boisterous—you laugh loudly, fear nothing, and appear to have quite the sense of humor. A mere napkin on my head leaves you doubled over in giggles, and has you pleading, "MORE! MORE!" for me to do it again. Hide and go seek? HILARIOUS. And you also can't hear but a few bars of a song without doing this awesome little butt-shaking, fist-pumping series of dance moves. Now that the weather is warm, you want to tear off your clothes and run through the sprinkler naked. In you, I think we have our party boy.

The best thing that you're doing right now is spontaneous hugs. The kind of hugs that require the involvement of your whole body, right down to those downy curls at the back of your little head. You love to hug your brother (and oh, boy, does he ever love it when you hug him), and Santos is the reluctant recipient of many hugs from you as well. Sometimes when I pick you up from the nanny share at the end of the day, you come running and dive into me with an enthusiastic hug. Other times, you're having too much fun, and end up kind of blowing me off, like, "Mom? Could you maybe come back later? I'm kind of busy driving this pretend car right now."

You have also entered the tantrum phase of toddlerhood. We're talking the collapse-on-the-floor-boneless-arched-back kind of tantrums. And you also started hitting when you get mad, which you thought was hilarious until it landed you with a consistently stern look, a reproachful "NO!" and occasionally a little time alone. Luckily, your brother prepared me for this. I remember this from Finn--18 months was all about the extremes. Big hugs and kisses (MWAH! you say), and those big dramatic tantrums.

The funny thing is that you really would rather be in your fun-guy mode than fussing about stuff. When you don't get what you want, you stomp around, pout, and sometimes collapse on the floor in what I like to think is your interpretation of non-violent protest. But I can usually get you to start laughing, and be like, "OK, I don't have too much sway in this argument, as I am 1/5 your size."

Like I said before, Cormac, you are so darn cute. In every single way. From chubby little thighs to your random pattern of teeth that you're growing. You're even cute when you wake me up in the middle of the night, screaming, then when I pick you up and cradle you, you grin, point to my eyes and say, "EYES!" before giggling. Even then, Cormac.

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May 12, 2010


IMGP1945.JPG, originally uploaded by Daddy Shawn.

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May 10, 2010

best Mother's Day gift

IMGP1850.jpg, originally uploaded by Daddy Shawn.

Finn says, "I really love my brother. Sometimes he's bad. But mostly, he's humongous good."

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May 03, 2010

finn's latest invention

finn's latest invention from lisa hazen on Vimeo.

Finn's new favorite part of school lately has been creating things out of what he calls "recyclements." He's made (obvs) a whole bunch of rockets and robots. On a rainy Saturday, he decided to make this camera. The next thing he wants to make is a typewriter. I am just surprised he even knows what a typewriter is. Here's his tour of his camera project.

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May 02, 2010

mood swings

Mood Swings from lisa hazen on Vimeo.

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