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January 29, 2006

here's the happy guy

happy guy
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I feel that I have been misrepresenting the little one lately by only chronicling his fussiest moments. While Finn can certainly throw a fit when he wants to, he's also brimming with delightfully happy squeals, giggles, and smiles much of the time. He even has his daddy trained to do a ridiculous dance and me to sing silly songs, which are rewarded with a fit of giggles each time. He has us both wrapped around his slobbery little fingers. (P.S. Ask Shawn to do the dance for you!)

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January 27, 2006

moms' group babies

moms group2
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We took a big group photo of all the babies from my moms' group today. From left: Gabby, Owen, Ella, Davis, Finn, Casey, and Kate. As always, you can click to enlarge or go here to see a slideshow.

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moms' group outtake

moms group fussy
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Who's that fussy guy in the middle?

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tastes like chicken

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He may not like eating his rice cereal, but he is gnawing on everything else he can get his slobbery little mitts on these days. Here he is biting the head of his chicken toy, Ozzy style. Between the drooling and the biting, he must be working on some teeth there.

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January 26, 2006

I want my binky back, binky back, binky back...

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Distracted by Phoebe's sunny smile, Finn has his everpresent binky swiped. You can see that he's not too pleased. Women.

And yes, that is a ring of drool on his shirt.

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January 25, 2006

Fuey and Finn

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Here's a photo of Finn with his nanny, Fuey. He absolutely loves her. As soon as she comes in each morning, he starts smiling and chirping and kickkickkicking. He even takes regular naps for her, showing that he can turn it on when he wants to.

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January 24, 2006

first attempt at solid food

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We finally got the green light to give Finn solid food (starting with rice cereal), and I was so excited. I thought after a lifetime of milk, he might have a taste for something a little different, not to mention more substantial. You can see from this photo that it wasn't quite the reception I anticipated. After a few more attempts ("rrrrr--here comes the airplaine!") and lots of cereal spit all over the place, the boy put his proverbial foot down on the rice cereal issue and the dinner hour came to a rather abrupt end. Better luck next time.

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January 22, 2006

ground control to major finn...

control station
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There must be a rule somewhere that the uglier the baby toy, the more the kid loves it. This exersaucer is a total eyesore, but the boy loves it. He spins around hitting the different toys like he is at the helm of guiding a rocket to Mars. Could it be the influence of NASA engineers Uncle Clintie and Aunt Sudi?

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January 21, 2006

as seen in Redbook

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The Redbook article is out, and damn if Kelly Ripa isn't on the cover as I predicted months ago. I'm surprised it's as short as it is considering how long the interview took. But it does have a nice family portrait of us. Click the photo to read the article. Oh, and please send money.

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January 20, 2006


Daddy got to come home early from work today, which meant that Finn had the afternoon to chat away with him. Finn is getting so verbal these days. When you talk to him, he tries to imitate the sounds and he'll lie in his crib, chatting away before he goes to bed. It's really amazing how much more of a little person he's becoming.

Here he is chatting with Daddy and acting coy when getting a smooch.

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January 19, 2006

Alfinn Hitchcock

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He's sure a lot cuter than Hitchcock, but there's something very familiar about those cheeks.

Despite my surprise that he's able to thrive without my constant presence, I'm glad to report that little Finian is adjusting very well to spending his days with his nanny and fellow charge, Kai (who is 6 months old). Every time I return home, he's well-rested and full of smiles and giggles. In fact, last night was the first time that Finn (drum roll, please) did not feed all night. He did wake up once or twice and fuss a little--Shawn went in to pat his belly and reinsert his binky and soothe him back to sleep. (If it were up to me, I'd let him fuss awhile and fall back asleep--Shawn's happy being the Binky Butler). But at 7am this morning, I woke to a start, realizing that Finn was still asleep. I've never--never--had to wake this kid to feed him.

I'm very happy that tomorrow is my day off and Finn and I get to spend the day together. We're going to have breakfast with H and then go for a walk in the afternoon with Sarah and Phoebe. Most of all, I can't wait to spend time with him. I'm determined to help him learn to roll over for the first time this weekend!

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January 18, 2006

a quick note...

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... inbetween bites of egg salad on my lunch hour.

It's my second day of work and in many ways, it feels like I never left. Same desk, same view. Most things exactly as I left them five months ago.

But what you really want to know is how Finn's doing. I rushed home last night, even taking a cab from BART. (When the cabdriver asked me why I was taking a cab such a short distance, I told him I needed to rush home because I missed my baby. He said, "Your boyfriend?" No, my baby! "Your husband?" No, sir, this is an actual BABY I'm talking about here. He's four months old.)

When I came home, I expected to find a fussy little guy and exhausted nanny. Rather, Finn had just risen from a nap (she got him to nap late in the afternoon--Fuey is a pro!) and the two of them talking to each other from his favorite conversation perch--the changing table. He stayed up for another two hours with me, and I gave him a bath, played with him, and when Daddy got home, we got him ready for bed and gave him his final meal.

He then slept until 5am this morning! And yes, it may sound awful to get up that early, but all those hours of uninterrupted sleep are heavenly. So Finn is doing just fine, and I'm adjusting to work as well. I miss the little guy a ton, but at least I know he's doing well.

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January 16, 2006

four months old

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See! Finn knows his numbers already!

Unfortunately for me, four months (plus a few days) means that it's time for me to return to work. My generous maternity leave is maxed out and I'll be working four days a week (three in the office, one at home) starting tomorrow. Our nanny, Fuey (pronounced "Fay") came over today to train--Finn really seemed to love her. She was the recipient of lots of his signature toothless smiles and animated coos. Tomorrow, I'll most certainly head to work with a big lump in my throat, but in the Bay Area, cost of living dictates that both mama and papa need to bring home the bacon. (Or in this case, the milk.)

Although it hasn't always been easy (and sometimes not even close to being easy), it's always been a blessing and an absolute privilege to be with this little guy during his first months on this earth. And as I mentioned before--I can't believe how far the two of us have come in just four months. There were days early on when I waited expectantly every day for a smile or some form of recognition (beyond rooting for my boob). And now? Well, let's just say you get a grand kicking and squealing reception when you walk in the room (and a indignant squawk when you leave it). I can usually tell just by looking at Finn if he's hungry, sleepy, bored, or just being a fussbudget.

When I went into work last week for a meeting, I realized that I was still instinctively listening for Finn's cries, peeps and squeals. I was careful when I crossed the street (like I would be if I was carrying him, not the daredevil free agent I once was) and my lap felt sadly empty of a little diapered behind and squirmy body.

Wish me luck as I return. I know Finn is in good hands--it's me who I think will take this hard.

Confidental to Santos: Don't think I won't miss days with my favorite mangy mutt. You were the one who kept me company while I waited for the baby to arrive and protectively fended off suspicious people from your hugely pregnant mama on our neighborhood walks. You were our first baby, dog version.

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finnatics by state

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Finn's popularity is sweeping the nation. Here's a map produced by my Web stats software, which I find fascinating. I can tell who some of the visitors are by location. The hits from Honolulu must be Lori and Paul. (Hi, guys!) Jody is such a loyal visitor--Raleigh shows up as one of our most popular destinations. And check out all the family logging on from Washington state. But I don't think we know anyone in Oklahoma although it's logging a lot of hits. And same with South Dakota. Feel free to sign in and make yourselves known, Finn Fans!

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January 15, 2006

flying baby

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One of Finn's favorite games is "Flying Baby" (you might know it as "Airplane"). We had a particularly fussy Sunday, so we were pulling out all the stops to keep this guy entertained.

He had his four-month checkup on Friday and he is now a chubby 15lbs. 12oz. (which would explain why my back has been so sore lately), and 26" long. He got a bunch more shots (oh, do I hate those) and a directive from the doctor that he needs to start sleeping better. (Lately he's been waking us up twice to eat and about three more times to have his binky put back in.) I hope he listened--I start work Tuesday and can't keep up these late shifts.

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January 12, 2006

dogs love me 'cause I'm crazy sniffable

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These two are ridiculous. I turn my head for one minute and they are loving all over each other.

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January 11, 2006


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"Mom! Stop posting naked photos of me on the Internet!"

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Sorry boy, but until you're old enough to stop me, I can't deny anyone this adorable pre-bath shot.

Next Tuesday marks my triumphant return to Chronicle Books, and I'm feeling very conflicted. On one hand, I am much less likely to get barfed on during the course of the day and I'll almost always get to use the bathroom by myself. On the other, there's no one there who is going to light up and kickkickkick when I walk in the room or who is likely roll over for the first time in my presence. Although I have a great job, what can compete with that?

Five months later, maternity leave ends very differently than it started. After a brief nanny shakeup, I've spent the last few weeks interviewing the person worthy enough to care for Finn. (Let's just say there were over a dozen interviews.) We've secured a wonderful, experienced woman who didn't blink once when Finn fussed through her interview, and hope to have a family to share her with by this weekend.

We've come so far in four months. Yesterday, Finn and I went grocery shopping, clothes shopping, walked the dog, had a bath, and cooked dinner--all milestones that individually seemed completely out of our reach just four months ago. (And three months ago and two and, for that matter, last month.) I'm going to miss my little drooling daily companion terribly, but will treasure the time we do spend together even more. (Sob!)

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January 10, 2006

that's one strong mother

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A few months ago, very pregnant, I'm signing in at the pool down the street and the woman behind me in line sees my name and says, "Lisa Hazen? You're an amazing swimmer!"

I told her that I wouldn't really call myself "amazing," especially since I frequent the slowest lane, even when not pregnant. And have been asked on more than one occasion to move from the medium lane to the slow lane by the teenage lifeguards.

She seems to think I'm being self-effacing and asks, "You used to swim Master's, right?" I tell her that I did, (for only about three months, and once again, slow lane, barely keeping up). She tells me, "Well, I like to watch you swim." Which is odd, but it is kind of entertaining, especially when I'm getting asked to leave the medium lane for the slow lane.

And then the New York Times did a story on Bay Area athletes, and lo and behold here's the real Lisa Hazen, renowned swimmer. The caption reads, "Lisa Hazen rises at 4am to train and skips lunch to lift weights." (click to enlarge)

Let me assure everyone here that the only thing that I rise at 4am for is to feed a little fellow. And I never skip lunch. Otherwise, I can understand how one might confuse us.

Thanks to Stacey for clipping this out for me!

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blue eyes and bubbles

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Here's the very cute view when you peer into the carseat. It's hard to believe that Finn was so tiny he was swimming in it just a few months ago. He's well on his way to the next size up.

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January 08, 2006

heather and john's baby shower

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Today, Meg, Marlena, Anna and I hosted a baby shower for Heather and John. As you can see here, H is just bursting with her beautiful pregnancy--the baby is due February 2nd. We can't wait to meet her! Especially Finn--I mean, look at H here. That baby is going to be one gorgeous girl. Finn + Baby Williams at the prom in 2024--I'm predicting it now.

Click here for the rest of the photos.

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January 07, 2006

binky baby

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Here's Finn with his ever-present binky and lovey, two of his favorite things in the whole world. One day shy of his four-month birthday seems like a good time to revisit some of his likes and dislikes.

- Motion. The boy likes the stroller, his trusty swing, walks in the bjorn, his bouncy chair, and the car (but only when it's moving, please!)
- Diaper changes. I know! This was once on the dislike list! But the changing table is now like our little corner cafe, only stinkier. The boy just sits there and talks and laughs and kicks and chats away.
- Kisses. Oh my, is this boy a lover. He loves kisses and he likes them on his hands on his lips and on his fuzzy head. He even tolerates the kisses that Santos tries to sneak in every chance he gets.
- Kicking and gesticulating wildly. You know that guy at dinner parties who loves to entertain the crowd by telling the most hilarious, colorful stories? (So, you know Shawn?) Well, Finn is just like that, only it's harder to follow his train of thought. (Sometimes.)
- Greeting you in the morning. It should be noted that the moment prior to this is marked by some serious boo-hooing. But as soon as you come in to greet him, he's all smiles, coos, and happy kicks.
- Watching terrible television with mama. Highlights include Access Hollywood, Gilmore Girls, The O.C., and America's Next Top Model (Nic was robbed!).
- White noise. Oh, how the static between radio stations soothes this little man. And makes me want to jump out the window.

- Most any wakeful activity for more than 20 minutes. If he's awake and in his swing, bouncy seat, or activity gym for more than 20 minutes, it has worn out its novelty to Finn. Next challenge, please.
- The hours of 4-6pm. It's the end of the day. You're a baby and you've already gone through the day's activities (feed, change, walk, bath, play). It's enough to make anyone cranky.
- Having to wind down to get to bed. Those first few minutes in the crib can be rough.
- When you get tired of walking and bouncing him and he's cranky. I mean really, what part of "I love motion" don't you understand?

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January 06, 2006

big boi

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I can't believe that this little boy (not infant! boy!!) is the same little fellow who we carted back and forth from the pediatrician's office the first month of his life because he wasn't gaining weight. Look at him! He looks like he could park your car or at least recommend a good place to find a burrito.

The boy is changing every day. I never thought I'd use the phrase "sleeping" and "well" in the same sentence when describing Finn, but lo! The boy is sleeping well (and I'm aware I'm tempting fate by saying this--please knock wood for us). The former nightowl is now getting up only really once--3am or so--and sleeping until 6:00am or (when we're lucky 7:30). This might not sound appealing to those of you without infants at home--or for those of you with infants who have always slept well. (Should the latter be the case, I don't wish to hear from you.) But for those of us who were waking every two to three hours for weeks on end, this is some kind of heaven.

Finn has also just started laughing, which is one of the most adorable and hilarious things I've ever witnessed. It starts with a wide open-mouthed grin, and is followed by what is most definitely a chuckle. In terms of disposition, he's not one of those babies who sits quietly with a thumb in his mouth. Today, I hosted my Mom's Group gathering and who was the kid talking, kick-kick-kicking and wildly gesticulating as if he was spinning the most outrageous yarn? That would be our Finn.

I was relaying all of this to my friend and neighbor, Sarah, who was reminding me that it wasn't long ago that I thought this day would ever come. Especially the sleeping part. It's amazing what a good night's sleep can do for your perspective.

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Welcome Eli Lawrence Reamon!

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Our friends Courteney Coolidge and Todd Reamon welcomed their second son, Eli today! He's a relatively lightweight 9lbs. 3oz. (big brother Tennessee was 11lbs 3oz at birth) and as a result, Eli was wisely birthed by C-section. Mama, Daddy, and big brother are all doing well. Congrats!

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January 05, 2006


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So, hey! Check it--I finally got that Bugaboo stroller I've been lusting after.

Dog sold separately.

UPDATE: Shawn wishes for me to clarify that we did not buy a $800 Bugaboo, but that the photo shown here is actually a (crudely) Photoshopped Kolcraft Snap-and-Go ($59.95.) As my hilarious friend, Sara Brown Heyl, mother of three, told me when I asked her if the Bugaboo was worth the price. "Hello! Having a Bugaboo does not make you Gwyenth Paltrow!"

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January 04, 2006

someone's looking a little tubby

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Do I see two chins there? I'm just sayin'...

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January 03, 2006

the boy's got some lashes

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You may need to click to enlarge this photo to fully appreciate the lush lashes this boy is sporting. But let's just say that I'm certain that the girls in his junior high class will be either crushing on Finn or wishing they had his eyes.

Thanks to Nana for the adorable monkey onesie. (And for the inherited eyelashes!)

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January 02, 2006

if you can't beat 'em...

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Having long ago surrendered hope that Finn would return home with any of our visitors, Santos has really gotten on the baby bandwagon lately. He follows us everywhere during the day, and I can't put Finn down without Santos showering him with kisses. Here's Santos snuggling up to Finn when I did laundry today. It's as if he knows that in a few months the boy will be eating food and dropping it down to him from the high chair.

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January 01, 2006

Lazy Sunday

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New Year's Day was definitely a Lazy Sunday in the Hazen household. After a brief awakening at 6am, Finn ended up going back to bed and we all slept until 10:30am. It was rainy, so we built a fire, stayed in our pajamas, made some black-eyed peas, and snuggled up in front of the TV. Finn's shown here with Daddy, learning about pop culture with a VH1 "I Love the 90s" marathon. (My child must know Vanilla Ice from MC Hammer.)

Happy New Year, everyone!

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Welcome Emilia Caroline Burkhart!

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Huge congrats to Allison and Bryan, who welcomed Emilia Caroline last Wednesday the 28th. She's 6lbs., 9oz. and undeniably adorable. Finn looks forward to having yet another young lady and (possible prom date) in his life. And we all can't wait to meet her

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